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Welcome to the PsychEvos Wiki!

What is the PsychEvos Wiki?

It is a wiki based on Tinbergen's Four Questions and E.O. Wilson's idea of a curriculum centered on current evolutionary thought. The PsychEvos Wiki provides a space for evolutionary researchers to collaborate and share research, and a space for the general public to learn about evolutionary approaches towards studying brain, mind, behavior, and society.

"...given the rapid growth of research on the evolution of leadership, I encourage the development of a formalized framework to integrate contributions. Perhaps a Tinbergen-style knowledge base (i.e., a wiki) is necessary for the continued accumulation and systematic integration of research. Such an initiative will help identify blind spots, emphasize areas in need of empirical attention, and encourage better communication across boundaries."[1]

The goal is to accelerate the development and popularization of evolutionary behavioral sciences by synthesizing up-to-date information on the current state of science in a way that is hyperlinked and easy to consume.

How is it different from Wikipedia?

Firstly it has an AI generated baseline of content. Base articles are generated using Large Language Models (mainly GPT4). Editing and creating articles via AI is encouraged.

Secondly it is a different website with different rules of editorship. For example editing is currently restricted, as it is more important that the wiki reflect the current state of scientific literature accurately than the views of the interested public.

Thirdly will be organized according to frameworks such as Tinbergen's Four Questions, Marr's Three Parts, Adaptationism, etc. with the goal of improving domain-specific navigation, standardizing pages, and exposing science in a way that highlights missing links in knowledge.

Fourthly it assumes the value of evolutionary approaches. Though different points of views are valued and integration with non-evolutionary approaches is encouraged, the wiki in general assumes the evolutionary lens.

And finally, it plans to add extra features and functionalities that make integration with APIs and research tools possible.

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  1. Spisak, B. R. (2020). Tinbergen’s take on the evolution of leadership: A framework for clarifying and integrating contributions. The Leadership Quarterly, 31(2), 101401.