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Glad to see you here.

I am the creator of the PsychEvos Wiki.

I created this project to make the evolutionary behavioral sciences more accessible and better integrated with the rest of the world.

Humans have an extraordinary responsibility to populate spacetime with consciousness and well-being. This will require vast scientific knowledge and a deep understanding of ourselves. I hope this will contribute to the advancement of science and self-understanding.

Failing that, I hope it fosters curiosity, inspires debate, and promotes knowledge.

I wish you a wondrous existence,

Barnabas Radics

Things I am working on

Here are some to-dos and ideas for the wiki.

Unsorted Ideas:

  • Visual Knowledge Graphs
  • PsychTables Integration
  • Podcast Documentation and Hyperlinking
  • Strict Article Templates
  • Wiki Process Documentation
  • AI Improvement Suggestions (for articles, organization, etc.)
  • AI Editing
Project Table Current Short-term Long-term